Week 6

In Levin’s article about curriculum he states that curriculum is heavily structured by governments and other companies. Therefore, students have no say in what curriculum states, and teaches. Students are the one’s learning the curriculum so I believe they should have a little say in what it encompasses. It worries me that teachers, and community members do not play as much of a role with curriculum. This should be taken into consideration when curriculum is created because I believe anyone who is learning or teaching the curriculum should have a say not just the government and companies.

The Treaty Education document is very important to schools. It allows us to get information from elders who have great knowledge and story telling of certain topics. Some teachers feel tension when having to teach about indigenous culture when they are not indigenous themselves. Knowing elders can help aid teachers in teaching about treaty education because if they feel they are not educated enough to teach about indigenous culture they should bring in someone who is qualified to do so. In my high school classes we would do treaty education retreats, therefore the teachers did not have to teach about it if they were not comfortable.

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